欢迎观临!I'm Vera. I am a Chinese language teacher in Israel. Here I publish my thoughts on teaching and learning Chinese. You are welcome to contact me directly in English, Russian, 中文 or Hebrew.

Learn Chinese with me

January 21, 2017

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How easy can Chinese language be? I welcome you to become my student and find out.

My name is Vera and I am a Chinese language teacher. I offer Chinese language classes in Haifa (+surroundings) and online, one-to-one and in groups. I teach students of all ages (3+) and all levels, up to and including HSK4.

I hold a degree in Teaching Foreign Languages and a Beijing International Centre For Chinese Language certification (中小学国际汉语教师资格证书). I have all in all about 6 years of experience in teaching Chinese.

If you dream of learning Chinese, please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries via email (, facebook, wechat (safkro) or leave a comment on this website.

What are the advantages of learning Chinese with me?

  • I am a professional teacher with both relevant working experience and educational background, 100% devoted to the job. Teaching foreign languages is the only career I pursue and I don't do any other jobs on a side.
  • I have good understanding of the nature of language acquisition, methods of teaching foreign languages, Chinese language studies, phonology, grammar, language history. Even when I can't explain some things to you, I know where to find the explanation.
  • I always plan lessons beforehand, use extra materials and support you in searching for other ways to practice Chinese.
  • I believe that as a teacher my job is to help you enjoy your studies, guide you through them, make it painless and stressless.
  • I don't make never-ending commitments. Before we start, I help you figure out your longterm (1 year +) and short-term (2 months+) goals, we agree on the timing (usually 2-4 months) when we sit down again and review them, exchange feedbacks and make a new commitment.

Having doubts?
Please, learn about my education and teaching background or look through these FAQ.