欢迎观临!I'm Vera. I am a Chinese language teacher in Israel. Here I publish my thoughts on teaching and learning Chinese. You are welcome to contact me directly in English, Russian, 中文 or Hebrew.

Education & Job Experience

January 03, 2017

Читать на русском языке

Brief autobiography

I was born in 1989 in Moscow, grew up there and after high school became a student in Moscow City Teacher's Training University. My major field of research was methods of teaching foreign languages, although we were also required to complete courses in Chinese linguistics, including language theory, grammar, phonology, Classical Chinese, language history and linguistic typology. I graduated in 2012 as an M.A. degree holder. During my studies, I participated in two exchange programs having spent one academic year learning Chinese in Dalian and Beijing. In 2010 I started teaching Chinese and English privately and later became a public school teacher. In 2013 I move to Guangzhou in order to stay there for some time and to improve my proficiency in Chinese language. There I was employed by a company SK Royal English, where I was teaching ESL to kindergarten and primary school students. During my work there I gained priceless teaching experience. In 2016 I moved to Haifa, Israel. I am currently teaching Chinese and learning Hebrew.

Education background

2015-now Virtual Teacher certification (University of California, Irvine), student
2012 The EACL Spring Schools in Chinese Linguistics, participator
2006-2012 Theory&Methods of teaching foreign languages (Chinese, English), B.A., M.A., Moscow City Teacher's Training University (Moscow, Russia)
2011 School of Chinese studies, Capital Normal University (Beijing, PRC); exchange student
2009 School of Chinese studies, Dalian University of Foreign languages (Dalian, Liaoning, PRC); exchange student


2014 Beijing International Centre For Chinese Language certification (中小学国际汉语教师资格证书)
2014 HSK level 5 Chinese language proficiency test

Teaching experience

2010-2016 Chinese language teacher and private tutor (self-employed):

  • Prepared and delivered Chinese language lessons to a wide range of students, including teenagers and adults both in groups and via individual meetings
  • Prepared students for qualifications and external examinations (YCT, HSK1-HSK4)
  • Designed curriculum, helped students set goals and objectives meeting their needs, abilities and circumstances

2014-2016 ESL teacher in a training centre (SK Royal English, Guangzhou):

  • Prepared and delivered English language lessons to primary school age students (5-10 students per class).
  • Prepared students for Trinity Spoken English Exam and Cambridge YLE (Starters, Movers, Flyers) examinations
  • Prepared and delivered English language lessons to kindergarten age students (5-10 students per class) in coordination with T.A.
  • Worked according to strict service standards developed by the employer
  • Followed curriculum designed by the employer

2012-2013 Primary school teacher (FESCH, Moscow):

  • To prepare and deliver Chinese language lessons to a range of classes (5-10 students in one class, students 9-12 y.o.)
  • To create curriculum and design additional teaching materials
  • To communicate with parents and carers over pupils' progress
  • To participate in and organise extracurricular activities


  • Russian (mother tongue)
  • English (professional proficiency)
  • Chinese (professional proficiency)
  • Italian (Elementary)
  • Hebrew (Elementary)